For the unknown, it’s very important to know about the page in WordPress. In this quick guide we’ll decode everything about page, for example, What is page, How to create pages, What is the benefits of it, and why you need to do it.

What is Page In WordPress?

The page is one of the most useful “types of content” in WordPress. Many people are confused about pages and posts. Pages are static and don’t seem to be listed by date. Pages don’t use tags. associate degree regarding page is that the classic example. Pages are often displayed within the sidebar mistreatment the Pages contrivance, and a few themes show pages in tabs at the highest of the weblog. If you have got fifty pages and you utilize the Pages contrivance, then all pages are listed all the time. 
While posts are entries listed in reverse written record order on the web blog home page or on the posts page if you have got set one in customize → Homepage Settings. Posts are often found within the Archives, Categories, Recent Posts, and different widgets. Posts are displayed within the RSS feed of the web blog. you’ll be able to management what percentage posts are displayed at a time within the Reading Settings.

Few Easy Steps To Creating a page

Your WordPress page is long-lasting data that doesn’t extremely amendment over time, and you’re simply probing for a guide through a way to produce pages in WordPress. First of all, you have to install WordPress and active your WordPress Theme for creating a page. Here you can find a collection of best free WordPress Themes. Here are the steps:

  • The first thing to remember is to log-in to create a WordPress Page.
  • In this link to create a page in WordPress, just navigate to “Pages > Add New” on your left-hand navigation menu from the admin area.
  • To create a new page in WordPress, you’ll want to navigate to “Pages > Add New” on your left-hand navigation pane from the WordPress administration area. 
  • Just Add the related title of your page. you’ll see a big white blank box with the text “Add Title” or “Enter Title Here” in center of the page. The title should be clear, useful, or related to your page for easy to understand by the user.
  • After adding the title of your page just write your content of this page. The editor makes it very simple.
  • In final you just have to click the “Publish” button in the top right of the admin area to create your WordPress page.

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